C. Anthony Bryant is a renowned vocalist who stands out as one of the most versatile and technically sound singers of his generation. With an unparalleled ability to perform every genre of music, he has garnered widespread acclaim for his powerful and emotive voice.
Morehouse College & Manhattan School of Music graduate, C. Anthony Bryant
Harlem, NY vocalist and performer, C. Anthony Bryant

Bryant is the leader of the band 5th Sunday and is a graduated of Morehouse College and the Manhattan School of Music. Along with being a gifted vocalist, Bryant is an accomplished composer, conductor, and music program manager.

Bryant has performed in a range of settings, from the operatic and concert stage to nightclubs and houses of worship. He has also made significant contributions to the film and recording industries.*

A passionate advocate for LGBTQIA and Civil Rights, Bryant is a standard-bearer for social justice causes. His unwavering commitment to promoting equality and acceptance is reflected in his music and his activism.*

Overall, C. Anthony Bryant is a true force to be reckoned with in the world of music and beyond. His talent, versatility, and commitment to social justice make him a unique and valuable voice in today's society.*

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